Rescue Divas Aims to Recruit Girls for EMS 6/15/2015

ASHLAND, Wis. – It’s a national trend: more men than women working in emergency medical services.

In an effort to change that Ashland and Bayfield Counties hosted Rescue Divas.

The hands-on event gives young girls a chance to learn a mix of emergency medical services.

In total, 20 middle school girls from Ashland and Bayfield counties are participating in the four day event.

The girls will learn about CPR, fire departments, how to use a compass and search and rescue.

In 2002, Sawyer County Search and Rescue became reality.

For the girls taking part in Rescue Divas, search and rescue is just one part of their emergency service filled adventures for the week.

“It’s so important to get girls interested in this because we can see nationally only about a third of ems are females,” said Rescue Diva Organizer Carrie Okey.

Okey said the staggering number of women in the ems field may be due to a lack of exposure to high energy and adrenaline pumping experiences as young girls

“As an emergency responder myself it’s getting harder and harder to find people who want to go into the profession,” said Patricia Sanchez Sawyer County’s Emergency Manager.

Rescue Divas hopes to change the trend of young girls not going into the field of emergency services.

“I’m enjoying myself a lot. When I first found out about rescue divas I was packing three weeks before,” exclaimed seventh grader Elizabeth Rossberger.

The exciting and challenging job can be full of rewards.

“One little girl there asked me why do you do this and I said it’s in here. You rescue someone’s child, find somebodies loved one who walked away that’s what keeps you going,” said Sanchez.

This is Rescue Divas first event.

It was made possible with grant money through the Wisconsin Office of Rural Health.

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