Rescue Diva Camp Trains Potential Young EMTs

Fox 21 6/15/2016
Author: Nikki Davidson, Anchor/Reporter,
Graham Hakala, Photojournalist,

MASON, Wisc. –
There is a shortage of EMT workers in the Northland, and a recruitment strategy is bringing summer camp to a whole new level for some young girls.

The camp might just help solve a employment problem in the adult world. Recruitment experts are trying to get more people interested in volunteer and professional EMT and rescue services work, they realized one way to do that is to start young.

Carrie Okey started the Rescue Diva camp for girls in middle school. She says rescue operations is a field currently dominated by men.

“This lets do some non-traditional recruitment, it lets us try to get more women into it, also gets us out of the shortage we have,” said Okey.

The field trips are non-traditional, like getting training with firefighters, meet and greets with 911 dispatchers, and classes with medical professionals.

Wherever these campers career paths may lead. They’ll walk away with a new idea of what it means to be a diva.

“We just wanted to have some sass and personality, we wanted girls to know its OK to be strong and different,” said Okey.