Making A Difference: Rescue Divas

KBJR 6/16/2016
By Danielle Taylor

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Delta, WI ( — From the fire department to the emergency room, middle school girls, at a unique summer camp, are just wrapping up their final day.
This camp is about exciting and educating Middle School girls about opportunities in E-M-S.

“I think it would be really cool to have people be like, ‘Hey you’re making a huge difference and I really appreciate that.'”
On a rainy day at camp, the Rescue Divas are still eager and ready to learn about the experiences Emergency Responders face everyday.
There’s a shortage of E-M-Ts nationally and statewide.
Especially in rural areas where we depend on volunteer E-M-Ts.
So, in order to hopefully fix this problem, Sawyer County Search and Rescue volunteers stopped by the camp to teach the divas everything from carrying proper supplies to a variety of search tactics.
“We’ve been invited with the rescue divas to put on a demonstration of what search and rescue is about.”
After being instructed, the Rescue Divas headed outside, and put their new knowledge to the test.
Search and Rescue separated the girls into groups, then trained them how to track footsteps, use a compass, fly a drone, and, last but not least, K9 searching.
“When I saw that there was K9s on there I immediately was like super interested.”
They started off slow with the compasses and then each section got a little more exciting and a little bit more in depth and they got to tie it all together at the end on how they’re going to be using it.
These techniques were tied together with their own Search and Rescue mission – Finding one of the Volunteers.
The mission started with tracking footsteps, then, the K9s were sent out.
Finally after searching up and down hills and a great amount of teamwork… the Volunteer was found.
“Nothing like finding the person you’re looking for. Finding them alive and finding them safe. That’s a huge reward for these people.”
These girls are so inquisitive, they’re so adventurous.
“When I can teach girls about being in Emergency medical services I feel like I’m making the biggest difference.”
Rescue Divas is funded by St. Luke’s Hospital, Essentia, and the Area Health Education Center.